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Bath Salts Effects

Many younger users and teens who do not have access to other drugs turn to bath salts to get high and abuse. Although they believe these salts are not dangerous, the effects from bath salts that the body goes through are very similar to those that meth or cocaine users deal with when they are using and abusing the drugs. Some of the effects of bath salts include: a craving and addiction that happens almost instantly, increased levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body, brain damage, and these salts can quickly cause the body to overheat. Knowing these bath salts effects, and how addictive the salts are, will help some users turn away from them completely.

As a family member or friend, if you notice any changes or alterations in attitude, or if you feel the individual is not acting normally, you may have to confront them about the use and abuse problem. It is not uncommon that younger teens will turn to this substance for abuse. It is very easy to get a hold of, inexpensive, and it is going to give them the same high and feelings of euphoria as many of the other, more dangerous drugs are going to give them. But, if not properly dealt with, almost immediately, the bath salt abuse problem can be just as serious as the addiction problems that many meth and cocaine users deal with as well. So, the sooner you confront the individual about the bath salts effects you have noticed, and talk to them about the abuse, the easier it is going to be to get them to agree to getting help for the problem, quitting, and possibly going to some kind of rehab to get the help that they need for the abuse problem.

It is easy to treat if the user is willing to accept the help, and generally the toughest part is to get the user to admit to the problem. As a family member, especially a parent, you have to get them in to a rehab facility, and get them the help they need to deal with the bath salt addiction. Whether it is in an inpatient rehab center, private abuse help, or other therapies, there are different ways to treat the drug problem that your teen is going through, and there are people who can help them learn to fight the addiction they are dealing with.

The sooner you go in for help, as with all other drugs and addiction, the easier it is to treat the problems of addiction that one is dealing with. So, no matter what bath salts effects you notice, or what changes in attitude are noticed, you have to step in and get the user the help as early as possible. The sooner they go in, the less damage will happen to their body, and the easier the addiction is going to be when trying to fight it.

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